Networking Activities

  • Strengthening the co-operation between the participants to nurture the birth of innovative actions
  • Guaranteeing a broad information exchange platform between the scientific community, the industry and other stakeholders (i.e. standardization bodies but also with policy-makers)
  • Ensuring the long-term viability of the single European Solar Research Infrastructure
  • Organizing training actions like summer schools or industrial training on RIs

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Capacity building and training activities

The strong willingness of the consortium to associate CST companies also appears in the "on-site training for industries" task in WP1 (NA1: Capacity building and training activities), which also aims at providing advanced knowledge and tools for young researchers (from both Academia and Industry) in the CST field.


Scientific and Technological Exchanges

Specialized workshops will be organised for defining common protocols and standards in WP2 (NA2: Scientific and Technological Exchanges). This WP will also promote the sharing of expertise and best practices as well as exchange of knowledge and even exchange of staff for short periods.


Advanced Integrating Activities

This effort towards reinforced cooperation between the participants and also between the participants and the CST industries is conducted in several WPs of the SFERA-III programme, such as WP3 (NA3: Advanced Integrating Activities). This WP particularly aims at much stronger integration and coordination in the CST field at the European scale, including better national policies alignment, taking into account the strategy approved by the SET-plan steering group for Concentrating Thermal Power.


Organisation and Management of the TA

Granting access to facilities requires an optimised organisation between the different RIs, which has been defined in WP4 (NA4: Organisation and Management of the TA).


Communication, dissemination and exploitation

The targeted ambition of the above networking activities could not realistically be reached without a strong communication & dissemination plan, as described in WP12 (NA5 Communication, dissemination, and exploitation of results). The need is to strengthen the already existing community but in the meantime to go wider in terms of the public reached by the WP actions. The exploitation plan also integrates a new strategic aspect for CSP research infrastructures regarding the participation to standardization international bodies.


SFERA-III 5th Training for Industries


Announcement: Short-term training at ENEA on in-field optical characterization of parabolic trough modules by VISfield


4th Doctoral Colloquium and Summer School 2023

Haupteingang des Fraunhofer ISE ©Fraunhofer ISE

Mainentrance of Fraunhofer ISE ©Fraunhofer ISE

Announcement: Short-term training at Fraunhofer ISE on Thermocline thermal energy storage modelling and testing


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823802