Access call

The trans-national access (TA) activity offer access to state-of-the-art
CST research infrastructures unique in Europe and for several of them in the world.

Second Access Campaign of SFERA III

The second SFERA III access campaign has been launched with the following timetable:

12 November 2019: Call open and submission of the project proposals. Check conditions for application

9 January 2020: Webinar session to inform on the call conditions and templates to fill in. From 11.00 to 12.00 CET.
Registration to the webinar here.

You can download the webinar presentation of the 2020 campaign here.

31 January 2020: Deadline for submission.

Until April 2020: Selection process of the projects to be hosted at the different CSP Research Infrastructures

May 2020: Announcement of the results

June 2020 – December 2020  [To be confirmed, due to the COVID-19 outbreak]: Hosting of the user projects

To submit your project, fill in the User Research Proposal Form

Access conditions

CSP Research Infrastructures

Provision of Transnational Access to CIESOL

Provision of Transnational Access to METU

Provision of Transnational Access to LNEG

Provision of Transnational Access to FRAUNHOFER

Provision of Transnational Access to CYI

Provision of Transnational Access to IMDEA

Provision of Transnational Access to ETHZ

Provision of Transnational Access to UEVORA

Provision of Transnational Access to CEA

Provision of Transnational Access to DLR

Provision of Transnational Access to ENEA

Provision of Transnational Access to PROMES-CNRS


Provision of Transnational Access to PSA-CIEMAT



List of proposals to which access has been granted

Access Campaign 2019

TA Coordinator: Ricardo Sánchez

Download the PDF of the list of accepted projects




Project title

Project Acronym




Home Institution



Solar Absorber Receiver Optical characterizatioNShARONEngineering and TechnologyDURASOL_OPTI-LAB


Possibilities of application of solar photo-Fenton process for the treatment and reuse of laundry wastewaterSolFeLaEngineering and TechnologyCIESOLWest Pomeranian University of Technology SzczecinPoland


High performance components and novel configurations for high efficiency concentrated solar power plantsGREENLIGHTMaterial SciencePROTEAS_MSLOOPUniversity Complutense of MadridSpain


Testing of Active Volumetric Solar ReceiversSolarTrAVeLeREngineering and TechnologySYNLIGHTCENERSpain
The study of the rapid variation effect of concentrated light over the photovoltaic cellsElThC PVEnergySYNLIGHTTransilvania University of BrasovRomania


Method for incidence angle dependent solar reflector measurements of innovative reflector materialsSolReflectPhysicsESOLFraunhofer ISEGermany
Optical characterization of Solar DishOpt-SDEnergyOMSoPInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)Iran
Experimental teSting, Analysis and modelling of thermocline energy storage system thermodynamic behavioUR using mOlteN salts as heat transfer fluidSAURONEngineering and TechnologyPCSCENERSpain
Thermal energy production measurement and comparison of two solar collector assembly (SCA) controlled with an astronomic and a Sun direction sensor tracking controllerSTC4PTEnergyPCSStartak IVSDenmark


Optical and thermal characterization of glass and quartz lenses under concentrated solar lightOpThLensesMaterial ScienceHTPU-LABInstituto Superior TecnicoPortugal
Carbonaceous materials obtained by solar pyrolysis from plastic wastes for wastewater treatmentC-Mat SolPyrMaterial ScienceKIRAN42Transilvania University of BrasovRomania


Standardization Of the testing procedure for Linear Fresnel reflectorSOLEngineering and TechnologyC-LABCENERSpain
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) based selective solar-thermal coatingsCNT for SELSOL Material ScienceC-LABHebrew University of JerusalemIsrael
Mirror specular reflectivity vs. incident and acceptance angle in Dubai desertMSRDEnergyC-LABBright Source EnergyIsrael
Optical characterisation of materials used for the HELIOtube technologyHelioOCMEnergyC-LABHELIOVIS AGAustria
Mirror Shape estimation validation for DubaiMSESVDEnergyC-LAB-FIELDBright Source EnergyIsrael
Experimental Investigation of Soiling of Solar Collectors through indoor and outdoor testsEISSCEnergyC-LAB-FIELD
Politecnico di MilanoItaly
Outdoor exposure of plastic films used for the HELIOtube technology and its characterization before and after weatheringHelioOEPF EnergyCD-LABHELIOVIS AGAustria
Preparation of superhydrophobic NPs-PVDF/Non-Woven Polyester composite membrane for water treatmentNPs-PVDFMaterial ScienceWT-LABPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileChile


High-temperature Protective coatings against Molten Salt Corrosion for Thermal Energy StorageProMoTEMaterial ScienceLMR-LESNational Institute for Aerospace TechnologySpain
Assessing the functionality and durability of anti-soiling and photocatalytic coatings for solar reflectorsPHOTOCOATMaterial ScienceLMR-LESTEKNIKERSpain


Concentrated solar radiation fast sintering of novel metastable Al-Si-Ni alloys, as potential raw materials for additive manufacturingAL-SOL-ADMATMaterial ScienceGUNSOLSIMTransilvania University of BrasovRomania
Properties changes in Ti-based intermetallic thin films after thermal treatment using concentrated solar radiationTF-SOLARTREATMaterial ScienceGUNSOLSIMTrasilvania University of Brasov, RomaniaRomania


Solar-driven thermochemical splitting of H2O using cork-templated ceriaH2SUNMaterial ScienceMSSFsLNEGPortugal
Novel solar lasers based on Nd:Ce:YAG, Cr:Nd:YAG and Alexandrite mediaNOVEL-SOL-LASERPhysicsMSSFsNew University of LisbonPortugal
Fertilizing glasses by means of concentrated solar radiationFIGAROMaterial ScienceMSSFsEduardo Torroja Institute for Construction SciencesSpain
Corrosion and wear resistant coatings for Al parts used for aerospace applicationsAl4SpaceMaterial ScienceMSSFsTransilvania University of BrasovRomania
Development of a nanoadsorbent for the hydrogen
sulphide capture from biogas
H2S-captureMaterial ScienceMSSFsAristotle University of ThessalonikiGreece
Solar synthesis of functional carbonaceous under constant electric chargeSOLARELMaterial ScienceMSSFsTransilvania University of BrasovRomania
Solar DArk CeramicsSODACMaterial ScienceMWSFNational Research CouncilItaly
Heliostat Canting based on flux map optimization: experimental VALidationHelioCant-VALEngineering and TechnologyTHEMISUniversidad Carlos III de MadridSpain
Assessment of Imaging Closed-Loop-Control Strategy and Receivermodel-Correction for Heliostat Fields - HelioControl-ReflectHelioControl-ReflectEngineering and TechnologyTHEMISFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISEGermany


Concentrated Solar Power for the processing of reduced Graphene Oxide- functional Oxide- composite for ThermoElectric applicationCSPrGOxiTEMaterial ScienceSOLFUCentral University of TamilNaduOther countries
Concentrated Solar Energy for elaborating surface stainless steel claddingsSolar SurfingMaterial ScienceSOLFUUniversity of West AtticaGreece
Nitriding Va-group metals (V, Nb and Ta) using flowing ammonia (NH3) gas with controlled flow rate in a tubular reactor under irradiation of concentrated solar beamNH3-SOLMaterial ScienceSOLFULNEGPortugal
Test of nEw Solutions for Efficient heat remOval in central tower air-cooled tubular receiversTESEOEnergySOLFUPolitecnico di TorinoItaly
Solar active ZnO-GO composites for the photodegradation of low concentrated organic pollutants in real wastewatersZnO-GO SOLCATMaterial ScienceSOLWATERTransilvania University of Brasov, RomaniaRomania
Photo-electrochemical activation of sulfates for efficient treatment of agro-industrial wastewaterseSULFATESChemistrySOLWATERUniversidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto DouroPortugal
Inactivation of antibiotic resistant bacteria in water by advanced solar applications. Assessment of process variables effects and elimination of antibiotic resistance genesSOLANTEarth sciences and environmentSOLWATERTechnical University of CreteGreece

List of proposals to which access has been granted

Access Campaign 2020

TA Coordinator: Ricardo Sánchez



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823802