Transnational access Activities

- Free access to state-of-the-art CST research infrastructures, 11 European advanced solar laboratories and 2 research infrastructures located in two neighbouring countries

- Strengthening the international R&D cooperation, necessary to ensure the EU's scientific leadership and industrial competitiveness.

- Cooperation with third countries, whose researchers will also have access to these RIs thought this TA programme.

The trans-national access (TA) activity offer access to state-of-the-art CST research infrastructures unique in Europe and for several of them in the world. Experiments can be related to:

- Solar thermal electricity generation (tests from research on components and methods to full prototypes systems): thermodynamic cycles such as Brayton and Stirling cycles, receivers and their coatings, thermal storage, concentrating optics and mirrors, control algorithms and solar resource evaluation, heliostats and linear collectors, high concentration PV cells, etc.

- Solar fuels production: H2, Syngas, liquid and gas hydrocabons, etc.

- Cycles for chemical storage of solar energy for short and long duration: ZnO, CeO, Iron, etc.

- Solar water treatment: desalination, disinfection and decontamination.

- Solar heating and cooling of buildings to improve the energy efficiency in buildings.

- Modelling and controlling of concentrating solar technologies for power plants and for industrial processes

- High value material synthesis and/or coatings deposits (experimental or test of processes): nanomaterials like C or ZnO nanotubes, new ceramics or metals, foams, catalytic layers, etc.

- High-flux photochemistry and photo-physics.

- Characterization of materials behaviour and properties under extreme conditions such as for solar, space or nuclear fields: thermal shields, high temperature materials and parts, etc.

- Solar pumping of LASER for industrial and space applications.


Success Stories from Transnational Access: the ShARON project, from CENER to CEA

As the 1st SFERA-III campaign for Transnational Access has been achieved, let’s have a look on its most promising projects carried out! This time, we focus on ShARON, a project led by CENER (Spain) that was granted access to the...
Themis Solar Tower-2_small-3

Launch of the 2nd SFERA-III transnational access campaign

With SFERA-III, benefit from free access to top research infrastructures in Concentrated Solar Thermal power across Europe! The 2nd SFERA-III access campaign was open on 12 November 2019. This call for projects provides free access to 13 state-of-art research infrastructures...
Capture Access news

SFERA III – 2019 Access projects funded

In March 2019, the SFERA III project launched its first transnational access campaign to offer free access to state-of-the-art CSP infrastructures. In total, 39 projects were funded. You can find the overall list below with the the title of the...

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823802

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