SFERA User Proposal Form

In order to check the scientific feasibility of your projects and ensure the success of the proposal, please contact the Access Provider of the infrastructure you want to access
to discuss the project idea before submitting your application. The email addresses of the research infrastructures' managers are available here: https://sfera3.sollab.eu/acces/#conditions

The different research infrastructures available for FREE access are described here https://sfera3.sollab.eu/acces/#infrastructures/

Please check carefully the access conditions here before any submission.

You can download below the word file to fill in with the detailed description of your proposal. This word file will have to be converted into PDF and attached to this electronical form at the end.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION : the WORD application form below, to be submitted as PDF at the end of this process, has been updated several times, therefore please make sure to download the latest version which is now available below (Last update 14.03.2019)

To have a look at the timetable of the call, please refer to the information available here : https://sfera3.sollab.eu/access/

The electronical form below has to be filled in and submitted with the PDF enclosed before the deadline fixed on the 31st of January 2023.

  1. Installations:

    CIEMAT- PSA Facilities:

    CNRS-PROMES Facilities :

    DLR-Solar Institute Facility:

    CEA-DURASOL Facilities:
    Opti-Lab Indoor

    CEA-ESTHER Facilities:

    UEVORA-RES Facilities:

    ETHZ-PREC Facilities:

    IMDEA Facilities:

    Fraunhofer ISE-Lab Facilities:
    WT Lab TES-LAb C-Lab C-Lab Field

    METU Facility:

  2. Proposer:

      Public Research Organisation
      Small or Medium Enterprise
      Profit or non-profit Private Organisation
      Other Organisation



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      Public Research Organisaton
      Small or Medium Enterprise
      Profit or non-profit Private Organisation
      Other Organisation

  3. Brief CV of the group leader, including a short list of the most relevant papers.

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  4. Short description identifying the team members and their current lines of research, specifying why the team activities are relevant to the project implementation.

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  5. Other information

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  6. Fill in the following document "USERS Proposal template SFERA III"

    Once filled in, convert it as a PDF file and upload it here (maximum 2MB):

  7. How did you hear about SFERA?  website
     word of mouth
     direct contact with access provider
     Other (specify) 

  8. Commitments The applicant undertakes to send to the Access Manager a report with the work done and the results obtained at the end of the period of research stay, within two weeks of the end of the stay.
    The applicant undertakes (if applicable) to make a publication of the work done and the results obtained from the Access stay at the selected Research Infrastructure in a scientific journal.
    The applicant undertakes that publications resulting or based in part on results obtained during his/her stay at the selected Research Infrastructure must be recognised as follows:
    1. First page, include the following footnote: Based on experiments carried out at the <name of the Research Infrastructure>.
    2. Acknowledgements: We thank the <name of the Research Infrastructure> for providing access to its installations, the support of its scientific and technical staff, and the financial support of the SFERA-III project (Grant Agreement No 823802).

    The applicant undertakes to abide by the rules and regulations of SFERA-III related to confidentiality, intellectual property rules and other access rules according to the User Access Policy and other guidelines provided by the Access provider.
    The applicant consents to the use of personal information submitted in this application to be used by the SFERA-III project only strictly for purposes of managing the TA process, including evaluation, payments and reporting to the EC.
    The applicant certifies that the details on this application form are correct.