Conference Proceedings: SolarPACES 2019

SFERA-III participated in the 25th edition of SolarPACES, which take place in Daegu (South Korea) from 1 to 4 October 2019.

On this occasion, SFERA-III partners made 2 presentations about the project, which feature in the SolarPACES Conference Proceedings published in December 2020.

Enhanced equivalent model algorithm for solar mirrors

Authors Marco Montecchi, Florian Sutter, Aranzazu Fernandez-Garcıa, Anna Heimsath, Francisco Torres and Cristina Pelayo

Cite as AIP Conference Proceedings 2303, 100005 (2020);

Abstract The SolarPACES Reflectance Guideline provides an essential tool to obtain comparable reflectance measurements, but because of the lack of adequate commercial instrumentation, till now the exhaustive characterization of reflectance behaviour versus incidence θi and (half) acceptance angle ϕ is unachieved. An expert group in Task III has been working to outline some practicable solutions. The Equivalent Model Algorithm (EMA) was found quite promising: with few input data, EMA allows to predict any reflectance feature by computation. The recent availability of reliable reflectance measurements at oblique incidence made possible the refinement of EMA by analysing a representative set of commercial solar mirrors. This paper describes the new EMA for solar mirror, named EMA4SM, and reports its validation.

Forty shades of black: A benchmark of high temperature sprayable black coatings applied on Haynes 230

Authors Simon Caron, Jorge Garrido, Eneko Setien, Ridha Harzallah, Luka Noc, Ivan Jerman, Marc Röger and Florian Sutter

Cite as AIP Conference Proceedings 2303, 150007 (2020);

Abstract The solar receiver coating opto-thermal efficiency has a significant impact on a central receiver system thermal final system efficiency. The development of durable high solar absorptance coatings with simple application process and minimal thermal treatment can directly improve the receiver efficiency, thus reducing the levelized cost of electricity. During the past years, innovative receiver coatings for solar thermal tower plants have been developed on various substrates and tested under isothermal load at different temperature levels. In this paper, eight commercial black coating formulations are sprayed on Haynes 230 metal coupons. Solar absorptance and thermal emittance are monitored before and after isothermal exposure. Mass deviations are also measured to pinpoint any oxidation or coating outgassing. Isothermal testing is performed at 700, 750 and 800 °C in a muffle furnace for 1000 hours. After 1000 hours isothermal exposure, Coterill 750 leads the benchmark in front of Pyromark 2500, while other black coatings degrade optically. Uncoated samples oxidize significantly and appear darker than some aged black coatings.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823802